If you are considering to liquidate your Cyprus Company, we are pleased to present you a faster and more simple solution. In summary, we offer the immediate purchase of your company, where we take over the liquidation process without any further involvement on your behalf.

As the purchaser of the Holding Company we guarantee the following:

    • Conclusion of the purchase of the Company, subject to the conduct of our legal and audit due diligence. The purchase price will be paid upon the signing of the contracts and the reception of all required documentation.
    • The purchaser will be registered as the owner of the company.
    • The complete dissolution of the company.

Please note that a percentage of the purchase price will be withheld until the Company receives a Tax Clearance Certificate.

General Requirements

A non-exhaustive list of our due diligence requirements may be found below. In order for us to purchase your Cyprus Company, the balance sheet may only contain the following entries:

  • Cash at bank
  • Unpaid taxes
  • Debts and receivables towards the seller

If the balance sheet holds other items than the ones listed above, such as real estate and subsidiaries, we can assist with removing such items from the balance sheet. A separate offer will be prepared for this service. Additionally, if you have any challenges collecting he solicited documents from your existing service provider, we can in most cases offer to take over the administration of your company. If such service is necessary we can provide a separate offer.

Due Diligence Requirements


  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (Greek and English)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Change of Name (if applicable)
  • Certificate of current Directors and Secretary
  • Certificate of current Shareholders
  • Certificate of current Registered Office
  • Up to date Register of Members
  • Up to date Register of Directors and Secretary
  • Up to date Register of Registered Office
  • Book of Minutes of the Board of Directors
  • Book of Minutes of the General Meetings
  • All and any Power of Attorneys rendered by the Company