CYPRUS GROWING INTO AN EU TECH CENTER – ICT HEADQUARTERING                                                    

Why Headquartering in Cyprus?

Cyprus is increasingly gaining momentum as a prime contender in the minds of decision makers of tech multinationals who cosnider it as the ideal environment to set-up and grow their business. In fact, some of the biggest international technology companies have established their regional or global headquarters in Cyprus, also choosing the island as a location for their development centers. Some of them include NCR, Amdocs, Wargaming, Sykes, Tsys, Nexters, Easybrain, eToro and others.

Key advantages:

Dynamic business hub and full member of the EU, as well as a full member of the British Commonwealth

Geostrategic location with easy market access to more than 1 billion consumers in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA)

Business friendly and robust legal system based on UK Common law principles

One of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU at 12.5%

Tax incentives for investment into innovative companies and strartups

Access to a well-educated and highly skilled workforce and tech-savvy talent

New relocation incentives for non-EU countries

Startup Visa for 3rd country nationals

Favorable IP regime which can simultaneously strongly protect your IP but also reduce the effective tax rate as low as 2.5%[1]

EU Financial Incentives (through the collaboration of ’EUIPO’ with the European Commission and the Cyprus Intellectual Property Office) to help EU Small and Medium-sized enterprises to protect their Intellectual Property, which is available until 30/09/2021

Attractive personal tax incentives, allowing for up to 50% tax exemption for 10-years after relocation

Low cost of launching and running business and strong business support services

High quality of life in a safe and healthy environment