Obtain a Cyprus passport through the Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment Programme

Cyprus has one of the most beneficial Citizenship-by-investments programmes in the world. With a processing time of only six months and a required investment of €2.5 million, you and your family can obtain extra passports giving you access to live and work or study anywhere in the European Union.

Through the Cyprus Citizenship-by-Investment Programme, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unrestricted right to live, work, own and operate a business, travel & study anywhere in the EU
  • Citizenship is granted to the applicant, the spouse and all financially dependent children up to the age of 28
  • Visa-free travel to 157 countries including Europe’s Schengen zone, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and others
  • Access to the first-class EU health care
  • Access to first-class EU education system
  • No dividend tax on world-wide income for non-domiciled tax residents. Cyprus has no inheritance tax and the lowest rate of corporate income tax in Europe

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