“Exit this way”

IKEA is the ultimate showcase of lifetime leverage on IP-rights. Enormous value is transferred and new ventures are created from the outcome of a solid structure. It all started with a great idea followed up with some planning around how to structure the ownership. Well, the rest is a global entrepreneurial success story.

Europe is booming with start-ups

Are you in the early stage to create something that might generate great value for your clients, yourself, your employees, your inventors and for the community? Some pre planning could be considered a street smart move in this case. There is a serious amount of mistakes that you should avoid. Combine that with a cloud full of things that might be good to do and you have created a foothold to get an even greater outcome from your venture.

By using seasoned and proven advice when structuring your venture, added value will be created and enabling you to:

  • Secure safety for your invention
  • Focus on growing your venture
  • Building value for everybody involved

If you do your thing and we do our thing the end result and outcome will most likely generate double the leverage, when it’s time for your exit.